Aotearoa 1969 Shirt with Maori Babes


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Inspired by my Maori culture this vintage looking design is to represent that. It’s with a poppin gold tee and gorgeous Maori babes on the back. These are unisex sized so order based on male sizes. In the photos I’m wearing a size small and I’m 5ft. 9 inch.

FAQ on the design:

1. Why does the girl have a kangaroo on her hat?
- She's wearing a Kangol hat. The brand logo is a kangaroo. Sorry to make the confusion with Australia.

2. Why is the year 1969?
- I don't take myself seriously so I try to make things silly with my art. So I try to put the number 69 in the design if I can, and I wanted it to come off like a vintage tee

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